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Hazard symbols and hazard pictograms

You are probably already familiar with the current CHIP hazard symbols that appear on some chemical labels:

Old CHIP symbols

These symbols help us to know that the chemicals we are using might be explosive, oxidising, highly or extremely flammable, (very) toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive, or dangerous for the environment. One or more might appear on a single chemical.

These symbols are being replaced by others because the law on chemical classification and labelling has recently changed.

The new symbols, called pictograms, show similar images just a slightly different shape and colour.

New CLP symbols

You’ll see that the harmful symbol is missing. This has been replaced by the exclamation mark pictogram:

This pictogram will refer to less serious health hazards such as skin irritancy / sensitisation.

A couple of new pictograms have also been introduced:

This pictogram reflects serious longer term health hazards such as carcinogenicity and respiratory sensitisation.

This pictogram means “Contains gas under pressure”

Updated: 2013-07-25