WISH Forum: Commitment to Competence

This 'Commitment to Competence' was written in consultation and with the support of the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum. The WISH Forum is a committee formed of representatives from the waste management and recycling industry. It consists of representatives from the HSE, main trade associations, professional associations, trade unions, recycling organisations and national and local government bodies involved in waste management and recycling.

Commitment to Competence

We aim to achieve safe and healthy working conditions for everyone associated with the waste management and recycling industry.

We support the right of every worker to work in an environment where risks to their health, safety and welfare are eliminated or properly controlled and to be provided with appropriate training before they start work and during their working life. Competent employees are an essential component to the safe and health operation of an organisation. Training - in all its forms - should be an integral part of an organisation's strategy, closely tied to the business plan, and regularly assessed, reviewed and revised.

We actively encourage the ongoing training and continuing development of all who work in our industry, particularly those in control of work, and a clear demonstration of individual competence against appropriate standards.

We will:

Updated 2021-07-01