Workplace temperature checklist

This checklist will help you carry out a basic risk assessment of workplace temperatures.

If you answer ‘yes’ to at least two of these questions you should assess the risks and find out how you can protect your workers.

What your workers think

  • Have your workers complained about temperatures in your workplace?

Air temperature

  • Does the air feel warm or hot?
  • Does the workplace temperature change during a normal working day?
  • Does the workplace temperature change a lot during hot or cold weather?

Radiant temperature

  • Is there a heat source in the environment, for example machinery?
  • Is there any equipment that produces steam?
  • Is work being done outdoors?


  • Are your workers wearing personal protective equipment that allows air to flow through?
  • Do your workers complain that the air is too dry?
  • Do your workers complain that the air is humid?

Air movement

  • Is cold or warm air blowing directly into the workspace?
  • Are employees complaining of draughts?

Workers’ metabolic rate

  • Is work rate moderate to intensive in warm or hot conditions?
  • Are workers mainly seated in cool or cold environments?

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Is PPE being worn that protects against harmful toxins, chemicals, asbestos, flames, extreme heat etc?
  • Can workers make changes to their clothing in response to high or low temperatures?
  • Is respiratory protection being worn?

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