Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA)

HSE is pleased to be a partner in the Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) to assist the Scottish Government's Road Safety Framework to 2030 which aims to¬†influence a reduction in road related injury and deaths. Improving the management of road related risk (MORR) is a major component of the strategy.¬†Details of the framework can be found at Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2030.

HSE and the Scottish Government research shows that up to a third of all road crashes involve someone who is driving for work purposes. HSE and ScORSA agree that employers should manage at-work road risk within the same legal and managerial framework that they should already have in place for managing all other health and safety risks. The reality in many businesses is that road risk is one of the highest risk factors for employees and often receives less managerial attention than is warranted in comparison to the management of the risks in the fixed site workplace.

ScORSA was created to provide free information and support to assist small and medium sized businesses to raise awareness of MORR and a wide range of free resource is available. For more information contact ScORSA.

For information on the roles of the Police and HSE in the investigation of work-related road accidents please see HSE's role in the investigation of work-related road accidents and advice on responding to enquiries on managing work-related road safety.

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Updated 2021-10-11