Guidance for appointed doctors on medical surveillance of workers doing licensed work with asbestos

Date of publication:
December 2018
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The document provides guidance for appointed doctors on conducting medical surveillance of workers carrying out licensed work with asbestos for the purposes of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The guidance explains how to perform initial and periodic medical examinations on workers. It covers the symptoms of various asbestos-related diseases and explains how appointed doctors should carry out medical surveillance to check for indications of these diseases.

It replaces the previous guidance for appointed doctors, published in 2012.

Changes since the last edition:

  • The document now contains a section on the role of the appointed doctor to help clarify their responsibilities
  • The section on employers' liability compulsory insurance has been removed, as has the respiratory symptom questionnaire, which is available on HSE's appointed doctor website
  • This edition updates references to legislation (eg RIDDOR) and links to further guidance

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Updated: 2021-03-23