A guide to the integrity, workplace environment and miscellaneous aspects of the Offshore Installations and Wells (Design and Construction etc.) Regulations 1996

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Guidance aligned to the Regulations - cited within - reflecting four regulatory aspects: interpretation and general matters; the integrity of offshore installations; the workplace environment offshore; and miscellaneous aspects such as defence, certificates of exemption and transitional provisions. Addressed to dutyholders, outlining how to comply with the requirements, the document accordingly comprises four main parts.

The second section, concerning installation integrity, concentrates more on the harder practicalities of offshore sites and duly covers specifics such as their design, work and operation. It also considers the requirement to report any danger (to the installation) and the issues of decommissioning and dismantlement. Styled presentation (eg bold, italics, margin coding) enables easy distinction between texts pertaining to the Regulations and the additional guidance.

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Updated: 2021-06-15