Dangerous goods in cargo transport units: Packing and carriage for transport by sea

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Guidance reflecting the reality that incidents involving packaged dangerous goods inside a cargo transport unit (CTU) can have wide-ranging effects at any point on the journey, with potential risks for packers, road-rail users, stevedores, customs officials, ships' crews and passengers and those unpacking the CTU.

Accordingly, this documents the most common dangers, such as: improperly stowed and secured packages within CTUs, inappropriate packaging, incorrect marking and labelling, stowage of incompatible cargoes in the same CTU and non-declaration of dangerous goods or incorrect documentation.

Citing both the UK legal and international requirements, including the United Nations recommendations for the training of persons engaged in the transport of dangerous goods, this is an all-encompassing guidance. Also explores other pertinent issues such as refrigeration, placards and pocket cards.

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Updated: 2021-03-04