Vibration solutions: Practical ways to reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration injury

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In-depth guidance for managers, detailing, in equal measure, the many problems and the multitude of solutions. Features 45 real case-study examples - covering the spectrum of tools, machinery and equipment, eg wheels, saws, drills and files - demonstrating how various companies have assessed issues and so reduced vibration effects.

While acknowledging that different sectors have distinct practices, the guiding principle is to emphasise that many vibration problems are pan-industry and so, accordingly, are the solutions, an extensive list of which is given. Includes a flowchart checklist on approaching the problems and pitfalls to avoid when introducing controls. Also considers the important matter of maintaining blood circulation. Highly styled, easily presented and extensively illustrated by colour graphics, cross-section diagrams and photographs.

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Updated: 2021-06-14