Reducing noise when loading dump trucks

The problem

During quarrying, A-weighted noise levels of 96 dB can be produced when the shovel or conveyor drops its first loads of material onto the bare metal of the body of dump trucks.

The solution

Dump truck lined with abrasion-resistant rubber

One company carrying out large-scale quarrying operations reduced noise levels by lining the bodies of its 20-tonne dump trucks with abrasion-resistant rubber. Sheets 50 mm thick were used, and moulded so that a profiled section of 200 mm overall depth was obtained. The sheets were then attached mechanically to the body of the truck.

Trucks were loaded by emptying a series of large shovels, each carrying up to 5 tonnes of material. The force of the impact, previously borne by the bearings, was now absorbed by the lining.

The cost

£26 000 per truck. In an industry where each vehicle can cost over £250 000, any extension in service life is valuable. (1995)

The result

The lining reduced noise levels by 14 dB. The treatment also significantly increased truck body life.


Information supplied by Trellex Limited.

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Updated 2010-04-02