Powder dryer

The Problem

Powder dryer

A powder dryer was generating noise levels of 95dB. The majority of the noise emanated from the gearbox, which was bolted to an angled 'connector' plate. As a consequence the plate vibrates and behaves like a loud speaker cone and radiates noise. Gaps between the main drier body and the concrete supports also allowed noise to leak out.

The Solution

  • Acoustic panels and access doors were fitted at the motor end of the 'tunnel' supporting the dryer, which extend out far enough to cover the gearbox.
  • Silencer panels fitted to extend past the dryer body effectively sealed any leaks but still allowed access to the trap doors on the dryer's sides.
  • Ventilation is provided by one noise trap at high level above the gearbox that was fitted with a fan.

The Results

The noise levels were reduced by 8dB to 87dB.

The Costs

£4875 (2005 rates).

Information supplied by

Solvay Interox Ltd. & PDA Ltd.

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Updated 2021-02-10