Nightclub - maintenance of sound system

The Problem

Mr. Smith's Nightclub, Warrington

In common with many nightclubs Mr Smith's in Warrington was excessively noisy.

The Solution

The noise control measure was to turn down the music noise by 7dB. The sound system had suffered from a lack of maintenance and was being driven excessively hard in order to overcome its shortcomings. Dance music is perceived as having energy due to high, clear and crisp levels of low frequency or bass sound. The system was producing little bass frequencies and to enhance the bass response the overall gain had been increased. This had the effect of increasing the mid and high frequencies which significantly raised the level of the music on the dance floor to an almost painful level.

The following noise control works were carried out:

  • Replace all the bass driver units.
  • Clean the filters on the main amplifiers to ensure adequate cooling.
  • Equalise the system in one-third octave bands.
  • Re-set the limiter.

The Results

Staff had their noise exposures reduced by up to 8dB. This noise control work had the additional benefit of a clean sound system and the patrons believed it was louder due to the high levels of bass.

The Costs

Total cost in 1996 was circa £1,500.

Information supplied by

Mr Smith's Nightclub, Warrington & PDA Ltd.

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