Prevent work-related lung disease

High-risk work

Some work can cause life-threatening lung diseases. Find out how to protect your workers when they do these tasks:

Industry guidance A-Z

Control exposure

Use the COSHH e-tool to get advice on controlling exposure to hazardous substances for common tasks including mixing and drying.

COSHH e-tool

Employers' legal duties

Employers are obliged by law to protect their workers by using:

  • alternative processes
  • less hazardous materials
  • enclosures/effective ventilation
  • protective equipment  - as a last resort

The important thing is to keep workplace air clean.

Good control practice

Lung diseases

Breathing in dusts, gases, fumes and vapours in the workplace can cause serious, long-term lung damage and often incurable health problems. Diseases such as:

Dust and fume removal

Employer guidance to help you choose and maintain the right local exhaust ventilation (LEV) for your business.

Clearing the air: guide

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)

Essential guidance on choosing and using the right equipment.

RPE at work

Impact on lives

Former stoneworker Terry suffers from silicosis.

Phil, a former welder, has occupational asthma.

Healthy Lung Partnership

The Healthy Lung Partnership (HLP) shares, promotes and encourages good control practice to reduce work-related lung disease.

More about HLP

LOcHER (learning occupational health by experiencing risks)

LOcHER is an interactive learning approach to engage vocational students. It helps them learn about managing health risks and protecting their health in the workplace. This includes occupational lung disease and how to control exposure.

More about LOcHER

Updated: 2023-05-03