Human factors: Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (MIT)

This Key Topic contains links to two issues:

Why are maintenance, inspection and testing important? 

Maintenance, Inspection and Testing (MIT) are key activities for many industries, particularly those that are classed as 'major hazards'. These activities can be assessed through two means – a review of the outputs (eg maintenance backlogs), and an assessment of the process. The assessment of the process may follow the approach outlined in HSE's publication "Successful Health & Safety Management", HSG65 (the POPMAR format - Policy, Organising, Planning, Measuring, Auditing and Review).

Two preliminary questions are:

  1. Have adequate resources and staff been made available to undertake the necessary maintenance, inspection and testing in your organisation?
  2. Do senior managers and directors understand fully the consequences of failing to provide this resource?

This topic is concerned with the system of managing these key activities; guidance on human failures during maintenance and related activities can be found on the Maintenance Error topic page.

Key principles in maintenance, inspection and testing

More information on maintenance, inspection and testing