Submitting gas transporter safety cases

Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996 (GSMR) (as amended)

The tacit consent provisions of the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 (as amended) do not apply to the submission of safety cases by gas conveyors under GSMR. This means that a safety case has to be formally accepted by HSE before that dutyholder can convey gas.

Safety Case Assessement Manual (SCAM)

Safety cases should be prepared according to the requirements of GSMR and the guidance as outlined in the guidance on GSMR (L80) and with reference to the Safety Case Assessment Manual Version 7.1 (November 2017).

The purpose of the manual is to provide HSE assessors with guidance on assessing and accepting a safety case. It also provides transparency to dutyholders about the standards and timescales that HSE uses and promotes consistency in the judgements made in the assessment process.

New and revised safety cases should be sent to:

Gas and Pipelines Unit
Health and Safety Executive
Foundry House 2nd Floor
3 Millsands
Riverside Exchange
S3 8NH

Gas conveyors and the National Emergency Co-ordinator (NEC) will normally be asked to submit both paper and electronic copies; the number of copies will be agreed by the HSE case manager.


If you have any queries about submitting a GSMR safety case to HSE or on the details described in the SCAM, please email: [email protected] or write to the address above. Please note that this email and address is provided solely for this purpose.

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