Information relating to HSE inspections and prosecutions

Information release: 17/02/06

Information released: following a request to release information about HSE inspections and prosecutions, HSE released the following information:

The request included provision of information on inspections carried out by HSE for each of the last five years, up to 2004/05:

Number of workplace inspections undertaken by HSE field inspectors:

  2001/01 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05
HSE Inspections 80,447 75,237 84,234 Not Available Not Available
HSE regulatory contacts [1] 192,693 195,695 218,574 Not Available Not Available
Field Operations Directorate 169,319 169,001 186,203 180,161 150,763
(FOD) regulatory contacts          
FOD Inspections 66,870 65,000 74,112 67,987 55,195

1. Regulatory contacts cover a variety of contacts with dutyholders, ranging from inspections (which themselves can range from in depth audits to short, sharp visits) to visits associated with investigations and enforcement action, seminars, workshops and other advisory activities, and visits to suppliers of equipment.Back

HSE no longer collects or publishes some of the above information ie number of inspections and regulatory contacts from 2003 onwards. From 2003/04 this measure is no longer reported externally, rather, we now report on how efficiently we allocate front line operational resource to our priorities against our plans. Columns 4 and 5 contain some more detailed information about FOD regulatory contacts and inspections that are still retained, although not published as part of our Annual Report.

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Updated 2023-02-28