Fees paid to medical practitioners for work outside the NHS

OM 2009/13

Author unit / section:   MADBIR

Target audience:  Heads of Specialist Groups [Band 1], All EMAS Staff, Administration Managers [Band 4]


1 The fees paid to medical practitioners for work carried out at the request of EMAS have been increased in line with inflation.

2 The increases are effective from 1 April 2009 and the new rates are detailed at the appendix. Administrative staff should check that claims for work done by other medical practitioners [ie Fee-for-service doctors - OM 2008/11 refers] are paid at the correct rate.

3 If you have any queries in relation to the revised fees, contact 8th Floor, 1 Hagley Road, Birmingham Office.

Cancellation of instructions

4  OM 2008/06- Cancel and destroy.
Date first issued: 01/04/2008

Appendix - [para 2] Fees paid to medical practitioners for work outside the NHS

  Consultation Type Fee payable from 01/04/2008
X-ray examination and report
Extremities (one area); spine (one area)}
Pelvis; mandible; teeth (restricted area)}
Salivary glands; chest (simple routine)}
Abdomen (plain); gall bladder (plain)}
Foreign body demonstration}}
First 10 X rays Group 1 £92.00
11th and subsequent X rays £68.50
Pathology examinations
For each of the first 4 examinations £55.00
For each of the 5th to 15th examinations £40.50
For each examination over the 15th £27.00
Extracts from medical records
Consultant [per hour] £41.50
GP £37.50
Consultant [45 minutes] £126.50
GP [report on proforma - 20 minutes] £51.00
GP [written report - 30 minutes] £73.00
Payment by time per session [3.0 hours]
Consultant £334.50
GP [out of surgery] £217.50
Payment per hour Consultant £198.00
GP [out of surgery] £73.00

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