Sport parachuting - Liaison between HSE inspectors and the civil aviation authority (CAA)

OC 801/2 Supplement 1

MOD parachuting

This Supplement to OC 801/2 outlines the approach which should be adopted in relation to parachuting undertaken by MOD. The arrangements are different from those detailed in OC 801/2.

1 As a general rule parachuting undertaken by service personnel and parachuting by civilian members of MOD sponsored parachuting clubs is not subject to the day-to-day control and regulation of the British Parachuting Association (BPA). Similarly the CAA is only involved in accident investigations if the internal MOD Board of Inquiry report identifies matters which they regard as having implications outside the MOD.

2 The HSW Act ss.2 and 3 will apply to military parachuting and with the exception of parachute activities outside the General Agreement (see FOD Code IN Fh for details), will be subject to inspection.

3 Accidents to service personnel are not reportable under RIDDOR but accidents to civilians taking part in MOD sponsored parachuting together with accidents involving other persons who may be affected (eg persons on the ground hit by a parachutist) will be reportable subject to the normal criteria.

Action by inspectors

4 Inspectors may consider contacting the MOD sponsor to discuss any specific matters which come to their attention as a result of an inspection or as a result of a complaint, etc. The MOD sponsor for parachuting activities is:

MOD Group Captain (P.Ed)

DDT(P Ed)(RAF)Room S 71

Room 134AHQ Personnel and Training Command

Adastral House RAF Innsworth

Theobolds Road Gloucestershire

Luton GL3 1EZ


Telephone 01452 712612

by OM 1995/38

Tel: 071 430 7139

5 Any problems in relation to this matter should be referred to the Crown, Fire and Police NIG, Area 02.

20 December 1991


Disc No: FOD1C/EDITORS/J164/28.10.91/DS/DH


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