Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum

HSE in partnership with members of the Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum continue to promote good practice throughout the industry. The forum comprises of representatives from industry trade associations, trade unions and other industry stakeholders.

Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum (CILF) terms of reference April 2012

Section 1: Aim To improve health and safety in the cleaning industry


  • To establish a forum for liaison between enforcing authorities, representatives of employers, employees and other appropriate interested parties;
  • Promote and improve the standards of health, safety and welfare at work in the industry;
  • Discuss existing and proposed legislation and how it affects the industry;
  • Disseminate relevant legislation and produce guidance where necessary;
  • Consider relevant guidance and information produced by other industries where this may be relevant;
  • Monitor and review developments within the industry as they impact on health, safety and welfare at work;

Section 2: Ways of working

  • The Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum shall meet two times per year and on other occasions as necessary
  • As a general principle, the decisions of CILF should be by consensus, ie decisions should be agreed by all members present with out recourse to voting. If a consensus cannot be reached, the Chair may call for a vote to be taken.
  • The CILF may devolve appropriate work to working groups or individuals. Where work is devolved the task, the outputs and timescales of the work to be carried out will be clearly defined. Working groups or individuals should provide CILF with regular feedback as to progress with their work.
  • Meeting papers will be generally open documents in terms of access to government information.
  • The terms of reference should be reviewed every two years.
  • The CILF Forum shall operate its policies and procedures and any guidance materials produced with due regard to diversity, gender sensitivities and people with disabilities.
  • The CILF Forum will promote the safe procurement, use and disposal of equipment and chemicals and acknowledges that environmental legislation may also be applicable at times.

Section 3: Membership

Cleaning Industry Liaison Forum

Commercial and Consumer Services, HSE Glasgow
Commercial and Consumer Services, HSE Glasgow
HSE representatives
Slips and Trips Programme, Disease Reduction Programme, Public Services Programme
Local authority representatives
Trade associations/employer representatives
Employee representatives

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