Bridging the endocrine disruptor assessment of biocidal non-active substances with UK and EU REACH screening and assessment

The guidance broadly corresponds with that developed by ECHA (the European Chemicals Agency) and incorporates GB requirements.

Applies to:
Great Britain, Northern Ireland
Published by:
October 2022
Last updated:
September 2023

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This document proposes a way forward to bridge the assessment of endocrine disrupting (ED) properties of non-active substances (so-called ‘co-formulants’) in biocidal products with the integrated regulatory strategy under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH).

Version 2.0 (September 2023) updates:

  • Removal of the requirement for applicants to provide a literature review for non-target organisms.
  • Minor updates to formatting of footnotes.
  • Links to external websites updated.

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