Workplace Health and Safety programme: Notes

Workplace Health And Safety Surveys (WHASS) is a new programme of large-scale HSE sponsored surveys, designed to record health and safety conditions across British workplaces, as perceived by workers and by employers. They will provide estimates of health and safety outcomes (injuries and ill health) and place these in the context of other relevant measures of health and safety conditions.

The first of these surveys to run was an employer survey, and a first findings report can be found below, detailing the main points of interest and presenting tables of basic descriptive statistics. The survey was completed by 966 respondents who were responsible for managing health and safety in their workplace. Some of the estimates will differ from existing estimates based on worker reports or RIDDOR, as they are based on employer views. The second survey to be completed was a worker survey, and a first findings report can be found below which presents headline results. The survey was completed by 10,016 respondents aged 16 or over who had worked in the previous 12 months.

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Updated 2021-05-10