Asbestos licensing

This site explains what licensable work with asbestos is and how HSE’s asbestos licensing system works.

Licensable work with asbestos

The page on licensable work with asbestos has advice for employers on work that requires a licensed contractor and includes examples of licensable work. There is also advice for licensed contractors on:

  • when they will need a licence
  • how to notify the right enforcing authority of any licensable work

The licensing system

The licensing system is a strict process put in place to ensure those employers carrying out higher-risk work on asbestos can:

  • demonstrate that they are competent to carry out the work
  • have the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to protect the health and safety of their employees and themselves

How the licensing system operates

The Asbestos Licensing Unit

The Asbestos Licensing Unit's role is to set national standards for assessment and to encourage those involved in the assessment process to adopt a consistent line, to ensure standards are applied fairly and without prejudice.

How to apply for or renew a licence

If you are looking to renew your licence or apply for your first licence, you will find all the information you need on licence application.

Notification of licensed work

Any licensed work with asbestos must be notified to the relevant enforcing authority in writing 14 days before work begins. This can be done using the FOD ASB5 form.

We have guidance on the right enforcing authority to notify based on the type of premises and activity.

Asbestos Licence Assessment and Revocation Guide (ALAARG)

The Asbestos Licence Assessment and Revocation Guide (ALAARG) provides guidance on the asbestos licensing system and should be of interest to anyone involved in licensed work.

The Licensed Contractors Guide

The licensed contractors guide is for businesses holding a licence to work with asbestos. It covers various aspects of licensed work with asbestos-containing materials. It also provides an overview of asbestos and its health effects, the law, and how to work safely with asbestos.

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Updated 2024-02-23