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Health and safety bulletins

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Recent health and safety bulletins

Date Topic Bulletin No Industry
07/2018 Preventing unauthorised access onto scaffolding and other work platforms CON1 - 2018 Construction industry; scaffolding companies; scaffolding suppliers
07/2018 Personnel certification in non-destructive testing (PCN) scheme fraud CEMHD 1 - 2018 Oil and Gas (onshore / offshore), Chemical processing and production, Nuclear, Engineering, Manufacturing (general), others
03/2018 Cylinders manufactured from aluminium alloys HE30/AA6082 and AA6351 and used primarily for gases for underwater breathing apparatus ED1 - 2018 Various
10/2017 Siemens - Maxum II Edition Gas Chromatograph - Safety Features CEMHD 1 - 2017 Oil and gas, Chemicals
07/2017 Track Tensioning incident FOD2 - 2017 Various
04/2017 Catastrophic failure of silo – bolted conical bottom section  STSU1 - 2017 Various
01/2017 A-Belco Group, Hadar range of ATEX Lighting products FOD1 - 2017 ATEX
12/2016 Some Ergonomic Issues of DP Vessel Controls ED3 - 2016 Offshore
12/2016 Certain Types of Pool Hall Lighting Systems on Runners STSU 1 - 2016 Entertainment and Leisure
11/2016 Electrolytic Chlorination Units (Electrolysis) in Marine Ballast Treatment Systems ED 2 - 2016 Offshore
11/2016 Offshore Crane Safety Systems ED 1 - 2016 Offshore
02/2016 Use of Barrier Glands in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres to meet IEC 60079:14_2013 (Edition 5) HID 1-2016 Chemical Processing and Production
Engineering, Warehousing,
09/2015 Catastrophic failure of a pipework clamp connector ED 2-2015 Offshore
Chemical Processing and Production

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