How to develop solutions

The development of interventions to address the causes of work related stress is the key output from the Management Standards approach. Interventions will be focused on closing the gap between the organisations current level of performance and that described by the Management Standards states to be achieved.

It is important that those who will be asked to implement an intervention are involved in its design (bottom up approach). The involvement of employees can be achieved by the use of focus groups or other fora as appropriate.

A key output from each focus group, or other discussion group, should be a preliminary action plan. In developing an action or intervention it is worthwhile considering a number of factors, as follows:

Intervention type

Level of the organisation

Time period

We have provided some suggestions for interventions for each of the Management Standards. They are not meant to offer pre-packaged 'off-the-shelf interventions but rather a resource to use to when considering your own interventions.

Updated 2021-05-11