Working platforms (non-integrated) on forklift trucks

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PM28 (Fourth edition)

There are restrictions on the circumstances in which non-integrated working platforms can be used. Also, non-integrated working platforms do not come under the Machinery Directive and should not be CE marked.

There is a variety of equipment available for work at height, including scaffolding, tower scaffolds, mobile elevating working platforms (MEWPs), staircases, platforms and portable ladders. The selection and use of an appropriate and suitable method of access will depend on the nature of the task to be carried out, the frequency of occurrence, the duration of the work and the availability of equipment.

Forklift trucks are primarily intended for lifting materials and not people. However, they can be used with working platforms to allow people to work at height in exceptional circumstances only. This guidance explains when this may be appropriate.

This guidance also provides advice on identifying appropriate working platform and forklift truck combinations, how they can be used safely together and necessary design characteristics for working platforms for their safe use.

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Updated: 2021-03-23