Near-miss Book

Recording and reporting near misses at work

Date of publication:
February 2021
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The Near-miss Book has been produced to help employers and employees record details of workplace near misses.

Near misses are less severe than accidents. However, near misses should not be ignored or treated lightly, as they can provide valuable insight into how well you are managing health and safety in your workplace.

This record book will allow you to see if there are any patterns in when or how things go wrong. A pattern of near misses provides an early warning that something needs attention. It makes good business sense to be proactive and take action early when problems are likely to be less serious.

Near misses may seem trivial but they are a valuable source of information. Taking time to review the underlying causes is likely to reduce risk, improve health and safety, and save you time and money.

Protect your business by encouraging your employees to use this record book and reduce the risk of something going wrong.

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Updated: 2023-04-24