Your health, your safety

A brief guide for workers

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If you are an employee (full or part time, temporary or permanent), this leaflet, jointly published by HSE and the TUC, explains what your rights are, what you should expect from your employer, what responsibilities you have and where to go for help.

It also applies to you if you are a young person doing work experience, an apprentice, mobile worker or homeworker, or a migrant worker (even if you are working in the UK without permission).

If you are a temporary, casual or agency worker, the employment business/agency, gangmaster, contractor or hirer you are working for has a legal duty to ensure you receive the rights set out here,  though it will need to work closely with the hirer's business to do this.

This leaflet replaces HSE27. It has been updated, but the advice is unchanged.

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Updated: 2023-09-06