Thorough examination and testing of lifts

Simple guidance for lift owners

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This leaflet is for lift owners and people who are responsible for the safe operation of lifts used at work. If you are the owner of a lift used primarily by members of the public, you may also find this guidance helps you to comply with more general health and safety legal duties.

Regulation 9 of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) requires that all lifts provided for use in work activities are thoroughly examined by a competent person at regular intervals. This applies to lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads.

If you are a lift owner or someone responsible for the safe operation of a lift used at work, such as a facilities manager or supervisor, you are a 'dutyholder' under LOLER. This means that you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the lift is thoroughly examined and that it is safe to use.

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Updated: 2023-09-12