Repeals, revocations and amendments

The Health and Safety (Miscellaneous Repeals, Revocations and Amendments) Regulations 2013 were laid before Parliament on 4 March and came into force on 6 April. These Regulations repeal one Act and revoke twelve instruments (plus a related provision in the Factories Act 1961). These measures are being removed because they have either been overtaken by more up to date Regulations, are redundant or do not deliver the intended benefits.

These changes do not compromise essential health and safety protections. The aim is to make the legislative framework simpler and clearer.

This work is part of wider reforms to help employers understand quickly and easily what they need to do to manage workplace risks.

HSE is taking action to raise awareness of the changes. This includes working with the construction industry (particularly small contractors) to ensure that it understands the continuing need for employers to provide hard hats and ensure they are worn on construction sites. Hard hats remain vital in protecting construction workers from head injuries. Employers will need to comply with the requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992 which have been amended so that they cover the provision and use of head protection on construction sites thus maintaining the level of legal protection when the Construction (Head Protection) Regulations are revoked.

The full list of measures being removed are:

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