The role of Asbestos Licensing Unit

ALU's role is to set national standards for assessment and to encourage those involved in the assessment process to adopt a consistent line, to ensure standards are applied fairly and without prejudice.

The ALU team monitors the work of licence-holders across Great Britain by collating all the information received from all site visits and assessments.  It then builds a performance history to inform the decision to renew/issue a licence to a particular licence-holder.

In addition to standard enforcement action the following sanctions are available to ALU to address licence-holder poor performance:

  • the use of extra licence conditions eg the requirement to submit air monitoring results on a quarterly basis
  • issue a licence for less than 3 years or reduce the licence term at any time
  • the refusal to grant a licence on a permanent or temporary basis
  • the revocation of a licence that prevents the contractor from carrying out licensed work altogether

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Updated 2024-05-22