Guarding (general advice)

Before using a machine, check that guards are fitted, and make sure they are:

  • strong enough and securely attached to the machine;
  • not easily defeated, for example, require a tool to open, and are self-locking;
  • made of the right material. Plastic allows good visibility but may be easily damaged;
  • regularly checked and maintained in effective working order.

If guards are interlocked, for example if you need access several times each day to a dangerous part, check that:

  • the machine cannot start before the guard is in position;
  • opening the guard stops the machine or that part;

the interlocking switch or valve is sufficiently robust for the job, and the way it works makes it difficult for someone to defeat.

Remember: Don't forget to follow Safe Stop before removing any guards

Safe Stop

Safe stop logo

  • Engage handbrake
  • Controls in neutral
  • Switch off engine (or turn off power)
  • Remove key (or lock-off the power supply)

Have you used your handbrake?Controls in neutral?Have you switched your engine off?Have you taken your key out?

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