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When to use this service

You may need to report your issue to a local authority or another enforcing authority. Check if this service is right for you.

How your information is used

Your name and contact information

We ask for your name, your phone number, and your email address. We need this information to: 

If you do not give us your phone number or email address, and there is not enough information in the report, we may not be able to do anything about your concern.

Who we share your name and contact information with

We only share your name and contact details with:

Details about the issue

You can choose if we can share the issue with the business or organisation. This will allow us to look into the issue more effectively if there is an investigation. If this happens, we do not share who has reported an issue. We only share that someone has raised an issue with HSE.

A business or organisation may guess who has reported an issue even when no information is shared.

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In this service we ask you:

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Get help if you cannot report an issue online

You can contact us and we will fill in the form for you.

After you report your issue

We may call or email you for more information within 3 working days.

We aim to email you within 15 working days (3 weeks) to give you the outcome. You can contact us if you don’t agree with a decision.

How the law protects you

You may have protection under the law including against unfair dismissal. Read about protection for whistleblowers on GOV.UK.