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Parents and carers

Useful information

Any employer must tell parents and carers if there are any significant workplace risks to a child and how they are controlled. This can be done in whatever way is simplest and suitable, including a quick chat.

There are very few work activities that a student cannot do due to health and safety law. If you are advised that a particular placement is not possible due to health and safety, you can question this by contacting HSE's Myth Buster Challenge Panel.

If your child has any medical or behavioural conditions, for example asthma, you should let the organiser or the placement provider (who has the duties of an employer in law) know.

If you, as parent or carer, are organising, or helping to organise, a work experience placement directly, the advice for organisers section may be helpful.

Find out more about work experience responsibilities.

Updated 2013-06-21