About young people at work

All people are at particular risk of injury in the first six months of a job as they may be unaware of existing or potential risks. Young people will frequently be in this category

Everyone involved in the employment of young people needs to understand:

Those who employ young people can help them to understand the importance of health and safety at work. It will serve them well not only in their working life, but in their everyday life as well. Sensible health and safety at work is about managing risks rather than expecting them to be eliminated.

Periods of work experience and work-based learning will be the first time that most young people experience the work environment. Good preparation and organisation of placements is essential if these opportunities are to be rewarding and safe introductions to the world of work.

Work Experience should be taken to include reference to Work Based Learning. There is a wealth of guidance produced to help those employing young people or involved in work experience.

This site provides guidelines for those involved with young people at work and on work experience. For authorative information, follow the links in the text to the specific guidance and refer to the relevant legislation. The new HSE legislation site provides information on the range of health and safety legislation that applies to workplaces in Great Britain.

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Updated 2022-07-01