Health and Safety Executive

Load safety

What can happen

Unrestrained loads can increase the risk of vehicle rollover and load spillage, and risk the life of the driver and other road users.

Fall photo

People and load falls

An unsecured load shifts inside the trailer and is more difficult to unload. The load may have to be unloaded manually. Sending someone up onto the trailer bed to sort out a load that has shifted puts them at risk of falling off.

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Vehicle roll photo

Vehicles roll

Vehicles can roll over, In serious cases of load shift the vehicle can become unbalanced and overturn.

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Product damage photo

Product is damaged

All or part of the load may be damaged if it falls from the trailer. Product damage can be a significant cost to the business.

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Load shift photo

Load shifts forward

If there is a gap between the load and the headboard, the load can shift forward under braking, risking the life of the driver and other road users.

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