Equipment Installer - Frequently asked questions

The UK has left the EU, and some rules and procedures have changed from 1 January 2021.

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What are my responsibilities if I install equipment?

If you are just installing complete equipment supplied by a manufacturer, you should ensure it is installed correctly by following the manufacturer's installation instructions and specifications. In such cases, the equipment should be supplied with appropriate marking, and in most cases, with a Declaration of Conformity in the name of the manufacturer (or their authorised representative). You should ensure that any damaged or misplaced safety components are replaced (by the equipment manufacturer), and that the equipment is complete and in safe working order. If the item is lifting equipment, it may need to have a LOLER-specific thorough examination prior to first use, to confirm its safe installation. There are also specific requirements relating to the safe installation of gas appliances.

Where you build up the equipment from parts supplied by a number of manufacturers or make some of the components yourself, you will be classed as the manufacturer of the final product. For example, if you motorise existing manually operated gates, they become a new machine for which you are responsible. You will then need to follow the conformity assessment requirements of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, including:

  • ensuring the equipment (eg motorised gates) is safe for all foreseeable use and misuse by any person who may come into contact with it
  • compiling and keeping a technical file of your design
  • providing instructions to the user on the operation and maintenance (particularly of the safety features)
  • issuing a Declaration of Conformity in your name
  • applying the affixing the appropriate conformity marking and labelling to the completed product
Updated: 2023-02-23