How employees can help

Be responsible

Seen a spillage? Instead of thinking it's someone else's problem, why not clear it up? Your actions could make the difference between someone getting injured or not.

A serious matter
People slipping up at work account for over 11,000 major injuries each year.
Take responsibility
Here's a useful checklist to help improve safety for you and your colleagues in the workplace.
  1. Ensure you have adequate lighting
  2. Make sure the flooring is even and clean
  3. Mark slopes and changes of levels
  4. Store cables safely
  5. Remove any obstructions
  6. Clear up spillages immediately
  7. Dispose of waste fast
  8. Wear suitable footwear
  9. Consider measures for visitors
  10. Follow everything you put in place and use your initiative
Are you a health & safety officer?
Get information on assessing hazards in your workplace

Cleaning floors can prevent accidents - but unless it is done with care, it can also introduce new risks. Read up on the details to keep your staff safe.

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