Why Watch Your Step?

No laughing matter

Falling over at work can often be seen as funny, but it's not so amusing if you or your colleagues hurt themselves. It can account for over 11,000 major workplace injuries each year. Consider:
  • Every hour someone in Britain breaks a bone at work.
  • Two people die a year after slipping up.
  • It's most likely to happen in the public administration, retail, wholesale, health and social work industries.
It's preventable
The good news is that there are some easy and simple things that can be done to reduce risks. Look out for:
  • wet, dirty or dusty floors
  • damaged or uneven floors or obstructive objects
  • your colleagues and your employees
You can make a difference
Don't feel bad when someone else trips up - take responsibility for where you work. Get advice for employees.

Put in place a management system. Find out more top tips for employers.

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