Case study 1 - Student Loans Company (SLC)

The Student Loans Company administers government-funded loans and grants to students throughout the United Kingdom. We are responsible (in partnership with Local Authorities in England and Wales, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, the Education and Library Boards in Northern Ireland, the Higher Education Institutions and HM Revenue & Customs) for student support delivery in the UK.

We have 250 Customer Services Advisors across 4 sites, with offices in England, Wales and Scotland. The Contact Centre is open from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Shifts vary in locations from fixed to flexible. 

Organisation objective for telephone call management

The importance of handling telephone calls is to understand the emotions of an abusive customer. How they are feeling and why they feel the way they do. Staff are trained to manage their own well being in order to complete a telephone call and not feel upset or aggrieved by the customer's behaviour. This is done by using a psychological approach to why individuals become abusive.

Controlling the risk of verbal abuse

Staff Training programmes

Induction training for new staff includes:

Support Systems

Working environment and support

Updated 2022-12-13