Security guards/door supervisors

Do you need security guards?

Security guards/door supervisors can be employed 'on the door', patrolling around the premises, or both. They can be plain clothed, or dressed in a uniform. Think about your crime and violence risks - are security guards/door supervisors needed and, if so, what are their objectives? Security guards/door supervisors can be effective as they act as a deterrent and they can help your staff feel more safe and secure, but they may not necessarily be the best solution for your business.

In England, Scotland and Wales, the SIA provides information about employing security guards and door supervisors.

If you decide to use security personnel check that you and your staff have a clear understanding of their role and ensure good communication.

Specify how security will work with other staff and other security technology, in order to ensure the most efficient use of their presence.

Think about the location of your security staff, try to locate them so that customers know they are being watched.

Specific to licensed premises:

Updated 2021-11-24