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Partnership working

One of the key tactics in preventing violence and aggression is effective partnership working. Partnerships can be between either you and one other agency, business or organisation, or between a whole network of organisations. Your partners may include the police, your local authority, and other local businesses.

Partnerships might be on a local, regional and national basis.

The benefits of such partnerships could include:

If you are interested in partnership working, the easiest thing might be to find out if a suitable scheme already exists in your area, or if you are part of a larger organisation, your colleagues in other shops/pubs/clubs may already be involved in one.

If there is not a suitable scheme available to you, you could think about organising your own group. The tips below will help you to see who could be involved.

Who could you work in partnership with?

The police

Partnership activity with the police can include:

Here are some examples of the sort of partnership activities that could exist between local businesses and the police.

Your local authority (LA)

Examples of the ways that you can work with your LA in partnership include:

Your unions

Working in partnership with trade union health and safety representatives can help you reduce the risk of violence.

Other local businesses

Ways of working in partnership with other local businesses include:

If you are finding it hard to obtain co-operation from your local businesses it might be useful to involve a local Chamber of Commerce or Trade Association. You may also need ongoing support, so you could encourage the appointment of a 'champion' amongst the premises who can drive the project forward and co-ordinate efforts to make the partnership more effective.


When carrying out alterations, whether large or small, work with designers to help you, for example, design better environments that minimise the risk of violence and crime. Crime prevention design officers are available through the local police force to assist with this process. Other organisations that could assist include The Institute of Conflict Management and The Suzy Lamplugh Trust.  

How can I assess whether our partnership is being effective?

You should make sure you assess how effective any partnership programmes are and think at the beginning about what you want to achieve with the partnership. How much information is shared between agencies?

You should also view your partnership working arrangements and make necessary changes to improve their effectiveness as the partnership progresses.

Updated 2020-11-06