Suburban public house

Case study two is a large suburban public house close to a city centre. The landlady and her sister run the pub and also employ part-time staff. It is a music-orientated pub and attracts people from far and wide who come to listen to the bands that they have playing. The majority of customers tend to be in their late thirties.

What experiences do they have of violence in their premises?

Violence is not a big problem for this public house and the landlady believes that the age of the customers is a major factor in this. Younger customers that come into the pub can be more of a problem. The main reasons for violence are too much testosterone and too much alcohol. The violence tends to be verbal abuse and threatening behaviour between customers, although the landlady has been threatened once.

How do they manage violence?

Before the current landlady took over the pub they had a very different clientele whose nights out involved fighting, gambling etc. Therefore, since taking over they have had to try to stop such customers coming to the pub. The way in which they have done this is by being firm and refusing to serve certain people, and also by meaning what they say and following through with that.

The landlady will not stand any nonsense and always stands her ground. For larger events or certain times of the year, eg Christmas and New Year, they have door supervisors to help keep control. The pub also has CCTV and extra cameras have been added to enable visibility of all areas of the pub.

What impact does this have on the business?

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Updated 2022-12-13