Working with us on noise and hand-arm vibration

HSE has a strategy aimed at reducing work-related ill-health in partnership with leading stakeholders. These pages provide details of the Noise and Hand-Arm Vibration Programme, its targets and main project areas.

What is the noise and hand-arm vibration programme?

worker using cutting equipment

A programme of activities, in partnership with leading stakeholders, aimed at:

It supports new EU-based regulations for the control of risks from noise and vibration at work, which have been in force in Great Britain since July 2005 for vibration and April 2006 for noise.

Medium-term and short-term targets

HSE is committed to seeking:


Priority industry sectors

All industry sectors that cause high exposures to noise and/or vibration but in particular:

worker using drilling equipment

Main project areas

Supply project

Work with supplier stakeholders, eg machinery and equipment manufacturers, to help and influence them in developing noise and HAV control technology in their products and in providing sufficient information to enable employers to carry out their risk assessments.

This project aims to help and influence manufacturers of machines and equipment to:

This will reduce noise and HAV exposure at work and help prevent cases of ill-health.

The objectives are to:

Control project

Work with industry stakeholders, eg construction, heavy fabrication and foundries, focused on the development and take up of reasonably practicable controls for noise and HAV. HSE has already identified high vibration / high noise activities and processes for which there are alternatives, but wishes to work with industry to help develop the next generation of controls.

This project aims to:

The main objectives are to:

See our good practice solutions.

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Worker involvement

Worker awareness and involvement in noise and HAV control in construction and manufacturing sectors.

2009/10 Building on earlier work to further develop supporting materials, revise guidance and web pages to produce

2006/08 Worker involvement pilot project

The pilot project aimed to:

The main objectives of the pilot project were to:

Music and entertainment (not applicable to vibration exposure)

Guidance on noise control in the music and entertainment sectors for music and entertainment sectors The main objectives were to:

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