The worker involvement (managing noise and hand-arm vibration risks) project

Many employers recognise that involving their employees in managing health and safety risks makes good business sense.

In order to help employers take the initiative and maximise the value of engaging the workforce, the Health and Safety Executive, in collaboration with the EEF, the Construction Federation, FMB and Unions UCATT and GMB, has set up a pilot project to develop worker involvement in a small group of companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Presentations from project launch

Photographs from project launch on 7 July 2006

Brian Coles, HSE, Project Leader

Brian Coles - Project Leader

Hugh Robertson, Health & Safety Commissioner, Head of Health & Safety at TUC

Hugh Robertson, Health & Safety Commissioner - Head of Health & Safety at TUC

Andrew Thompson, HSE, Noise and Vibration Specialist Inspector

Andrew Thompson, HSE - Noise and Vibration Specialist Inspector

Launch speakers (listed below)

Launch speakers - Steve Kelly, GMB; Andrew Thompson, HSE; Paul Kennedy, Yeo Valley Farms; Phil Matyear, Morrison PLC; Brenda Roper, ACAS; Brian Coles, HSE; Jenny Lunt, HSL, Behavioural Psychologist; Carys Osborne, HSE, Occupational Health Inspector

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