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Management information: Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease reports

Made by employers to HSE and Local Authorities since 10 April 2020

Where a worker has been diagnosed as having COVID-19 and there is reasonable evidence to suggest that it was caused by occupational exposure, employers are required to report the case to the relevant enforcing authority under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013(RIDDOR).

Latest published figures up to week ending 11 July show:

Total suspected occupational COVID-19 reports made by employers to the Enforcing Authorities, 12 April to 11 July 2020

Bar chart showing the rising and falling trend of COVID-19 reports, beginning at 288 on 12 April, the peak of 1183 is reached on 26 April reducing to the lowest number of 121 by 5 July.

1 The statutory disease reporting form was changed on 10 April to enable systematic identification of COVID-19 reports. Guidance was also issued on this date around reporting requirements for COVID-19 deaths under RIDDOR. While some COVID reports may have been made prior to 10th April, they will not be consistent with later time periods. Therefore the data considers reports from 10 April onwards only.

Advance notice of publication update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These numbers will be updated at 10.00am on Monday 17th August to cover the period ending 8th August 2020.

Updated 2020-08-05