Consultation: The importance of consultation

Many slip and trip hazards can be swiftly and easily dealt with, but before you can correct them, you need to identify them. Workers are ideally placed to spot slip and trip hazards day-to-day. For many basic hazards, they are also well positioned to quickly deal with them. How do you encourage a 'See it, sort it or report it' mentality?
  • Provide evidence of the seriousness of slips and trips.
  • Provide training on what to look for and how to put it right.
  • Encourage workers to report issues and near-misses.
  • Ensure workers know who to report to: supervisor, safety or union rep or manager.
It is important that workers are listened to and their reports are acted on in a timely manner or they will simply stop reporting.

Knowing about slips and trips incidents and near misses is invaluable if you want to stop minor accidents turning into major injuries.
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