Production areas

A slip or a trip in a production area can result in a serious injury but it is possible to reduce the likelihood of accidents by giving some thought to design.

When designing or refurbishing a production area it is essential to consult key personnel, as you need to understand the system of work in that area. Take into account the human factors, eg busy and noisy environments; workers rushing, pushing and pulling equipment; how people will navigate the area. Think about where wet and dry spills might come from and how they can be eliminated or minimised.

The flooring in the production area needs to be appropriate for the process and likely contaminants. Both wet and dry contamination may cause slips, for example, the more viscous the contamination the rougher the floor will need to be to provide good slip resistance. See the contamination module for more detail.

Rougher floors will only remain slip resistant if they are cleaned according to manufacturers instructions. It is important that you provide this information.
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