Case study: Hotel had problems with icy surfaces

Country hotel in snow
A country hotel in the north of England was hit by a cold snap, with lots of frost and some snow, something it was quite used to dealing with. But for some reason this year, there was notable rise in serious slip accidents.

They scrutinized every accident to discover the cause of these slips and falls. It quickly became apparent that the people most affected were those who arrived on site early in the morning, such as the cleaning and catering staff. At the time they arrived, the paths had yet to be cleared of ice and snow.

In previous years, the grounds’ staff had begun to de-ice and salt the grounds much earlier in the morning, but as they were paid overtime rates, cost became an issue, so the ground staff now started later in the day. The new start time was thought to be sufficient to prevent any problems with ice, but the accidents showed it was not.

The hotel decided to bring in the ground staff an hour earlier. The changes worked. Despite several more icy spells, slip and fall accidents on ice have stopped.
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