STEP - Slips and Trips eLearning Package

Watch Your STEP

What is the STEP tool?

The Slips and Trips eLearning Package (or STEP for short) is a great introduction to slips and trips, how they are caused, why preventing them is important and how to tackle them.

STEP includes easy-to-follow guidance, case studies, videos, animations and quizzes. These are designed to give you the information you need to set up and maintain a safer way of working.

What industries does it suit?

The general course is suitable for a wide range of industries. There are four other courses, specifically designed for Food Manufacturing, Hospitality and Catering, Education and Health and Social Care sectors.

There are also introductory, intermediate and advanced levels depending on your information needs.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use STEP to look at and start to understand some of the potential slip and trip hazards and risks found in the workplace.

How long will it take me to complete?

Each course contains three levels;

Level Time to Complete Description
Introductory 15- 20mins A short course, providing key information in an easy to follow interactive format.
Intermediate 1 Hour Several short lessons in plain English on key topics including footwear, flooring and assessing slip and trip risks.
Advanced Varies dependant on which topics user needs to complete Contains a number of detailed sections, several of a technical nature e.g. classification of flooring, procurement of footwear, test methods. For more trade specific information, we recommend taking the advanced course.
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