Construction Case Study - National Construction College

In 2008/09, provisionally, there were over 2,100 falls involving construction workers – 21 of them fatal, more than 1,200 causing major injuries and nearly 900 leading to an absence from work of three days or more.

Many of these incidents could easily be avoided by taking common sense actions and precautions and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched the latest phase of its “Shattered Lives” campaign in a bid to encourage site managers to do more to stop them happening. Failing to manage risks effectively can shatter lives, leaving workers and their families to pick up the pieces and businesses paying a heavy price.

Effective training in health and safety at the start of a career will embed good practice and awareness of risks. This will go a long way towards improving safety across the industry.     

To help ensure this happens the National Construction College (NCC), which is the largest construction training provider in Europe, provides a range of training to more than 30,000 learners each year across its seven sites.  Health and safety is a key part of the training delivered by the College, which equips both new students and those already working within the industry with the ability to recognise dangers in the workplace and know how best to avoid them.

Andy Walder, Director of the NCC said:
“Falling from height is still a major cause of accidents in the UK construction industry and effective training is key in reducing the injury and fatality figures. At the NCC we offer a wide range of health and safety training to help overcome accidents like this, helping to create a safer, more efficient working environment as well as a fully skilled workforce. 

“Our apprenticeships all place a large emphasis on the importance of knowing health and safety best practice and we also provide essential training to adults working within the industry, in addition to refresher courses. We can also develop and deliver bespoke training or refresher courses in line with the needs of the business - either at one of our training centres across the UK or out on site.”

Philip White, Chief Inspector of Construction, said: “Falls from height remain the most common cause of fatality in construction with 21 workers dying last year. On top of this nearly 1,000 major injuries were caused by slips and trips on site, many of which will have resulted in broken bones. The consequences of these accidents can be devastating for the people involved.  Not to mention the cost to the UK economy, which is in the order of £800m per year. It’s essential that businesses get it right when working at height and that they keep their sites in good order."


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