This website covers schools (state funded and independent), further education establishments and higher education institutions. Guidance on managing the significant risks in the sector for pupils and members of staff is included. The site makes clear that a sensible approach to risk management is essential.

How we work

Asbestos in schools

Guidance for those who manage or oversee the maintenance and repair of school buildings.

Asbestos in schools

School trips

HSE believes strongly in the educational value of well-planned visits and is a firm supporter of outdoor education.

HSE's guidance on school trips shows how sensible risk management creates exciting learning opportunities, while preventing tragedies.

School trips

A sensible approach

A sensible approach to health and safety in schools means focusing on how the real risks are managed.

This guidance will help those responsible for managing health and safety in schools to strike the right balance, so that the real risks are managed and learning opportunities are experienced to the full.

Sensible health and safety

Updated 2022-01-19